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      Media case  


      The Internet has entered the era of "advertising cloud"
      Optional Excerpt:Beijing time on June 8, "cloud computing" as the Internet buzzword, the debate about it has not stopped.After several years of market warming up, cloud computing is gradually transitioning from the conceptual level to the application stage, and the landing speed is accelerating.Cloud computing not only brings powerful data analysis ability and resource sharing platform, but also its efficient integration mode is appreciated and used for reference by many enterprises.

      Recently, the domestic well-known precision targeted network advertising company youyi interworking put forward the "advertising cloud" network traffic overall precise control concept.According to zhao zheng, CTO of youyi interactive, "advertising cloud" realizes effect optimization and resource sharing through integration. From a certain perspective, the concept of "advertising cloud" is an important extension of cloud computing in the field of online advertising.

      It is not difficult to see that the biggest advantage of "advertising cloud" lies in its powerful integration force. It can maximize the network traffic from all directions to a unified platform for centralized management, which includes fixed advertising traffic, rich media advertising traffic, residual traffic, etc.

      Efficient integration of ubiquitous resources

      Centralized management of on-demand

      Faced with the worldwide popularity of "cloud", the New York times once asked what "cloud" actually means.

      According to a senior analyst at Gartner, Cloud represents a kind of ubiquitous resource with infinite extensibility, so everyone has a different understanding of "Cloud".As a metaphor for the Internet, cloud computing is the centralized collection of valuable network resources and the automatic management of resources to provide users with universal and highly scalable support.Users can access it at any time and pay for it, just like they use water and electricity.

      "Cloud" can give users strong support, and its automated centralized management enables enterprises to avoid high data management costs.At the same time, its versatility makes the utilization of resources greatly improved, users can fully enjoy the advantages of low cost, and greatly save time.This is the power of the "cloud" in youyi's mind.

      Advertisement cloud exerts great power to attract money

      Targeted delivery to establish a win-win situation

      As we have learned, almost every website will have the advertising resources that cannot be sold, at the same time there are some valuable resources are not well used, coupled with the emergence of emerging media, the total flow of the remaining resources is still expanding.At the same time, there are a large number of domestic enterprises in the high cost of marketing headache.Just imagine, if we can effectively absorb and utilize the unused traffic, it will not only be a considerable fortune, but also provide a new marketing channel for advertisers.

      In fact, the concept of "residual traffic" is not new, some people have raised concerns about this before, the size of the site mixed, residual traffic is too scattered, not only difficult to aggregate and management, and how to effectively extract the value of residual traffic, but also a great technical barriers.

      Zhao zheng said, "advertising cloud" refers to the integration of media resources with marketing value, for "inventory traffic platform", here "cloud" refers to the network traffic pool.The overall collection and management of the rest of the traffic is automatic operation, after completion of the platform integration processing, the media can be very convenient through the AFP advertising management system to join the platform.At the same time, this easy communication also has a directional technology system, namely by multidimensional orientation technology, improve the filtering precision of the target audience and delivering media, so that the residual flow can be effective marketing information carrier, and become a new profit of the network media tools, and to help advertisers to effectively control marketing costs, achieve brand and the effect of two-way upgrade.

      In the eyes of many insiders, the rapid application and penetration of cloud computing is bound to revolutionize the future model of network marketing and enterprise management. At that time, all business operations will be built on a highly information-based cloud platform.As an important economic growth point, Internet marketing industry is undoubtedly one of the biggest beneficiaries of cloud computing, and the emergence of "advertising cloud" is its "niuknife small test" in the field of communication, I believe that in the near future, "advertising cloud" will set off a wave of integration.

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