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      Media case  


      How does digital advertising illustrate the "life" philosophy
      Optional Excerpt:As a digital marketer, when was the last time you thought about how to use online media to highlight the core attributes of a customer's product?Or thinking about how to use advertising ideas to maximize the function of advertising space?When there is a new advertising campaign, we tend to focus on some data of advertising position, such as demographics, coverage, cost and so on.However, we do not pay enough attention to how to integrate the advertising position with the essential attributes of the advertising products that need to be promoted.But it is also a way to attract consumers.

      After watching the discovery channel's introduction to its new series of documentaries, you'll see why I said this earlier.Indeed, the campaign did just that, and quickly became a case study in this propaganda style.This is a classic example of the best solution for buyers and planners looking for targeted and relevant publicity.

      When the network's series was first launched in 2007, the show, called earth, captivated viewers and quickly became the most-watched show of the year in the United States.The channel's latest project, a 11-part documentary called "life," took more than three years to complete.

      The "life" series is expected to be as engaging as the previous ones.But the company wants to make sure the series is a success, and it doesn't want to miss an opportunity to offer digital ads with the same visual appeal.The digital media campaign includes the use of social media, overlay advertising and instant messaging to quickly spread words related to the series' themes to attract online audiences.

      Tap into Facebook's artistic potential

      Facebook has become an integral part of digital media campaigns, particularly by entertainment companies.However, campaigns can vary greatly in the way they use the social network, depending on the goals of advertisers and the products they want to promote.

      The discovery channel has a Facebook page where viewers can enjoy a rich visual experience.Any reflection viewers might get from "life" can be found there.The images used in the page are maximized to cover the entire page, allowing the audience to enjoy a complete visual impact.It also makes the audience feel like they're watching a movie.

      Nothing promotes this series of documentaries more than glamorous images.In addition to the gallery of images from the upcoming documentary, fans can even watch half a dozen movies without leaving the Facebook page.In addition, by incorporating this creative content into the existing discovery channel's Facebook page, the network is able to attract both past earthbound viewers and now fans of the network's natural history shows.

      Let advertisement enrich "life"

      Discovery's media buying strategy also includes pulling influential images from the series."Life" began to carry on the same day, on the yahoo home page carried on the formidable coverage type advertisement propaganda.At the top of the page is a banner AD with floating features from the documentary, such as a cockroach that bounces across the page to greet the site's users.

      Even more interesting, users can set the location of the AD themselves.Yahoo visitors can choose one of several "life" themed skins for their home page.This kind of setting is easy to attract the attention of visitors due to its strong interactivity, and it can also attract users to participate due to its simple operation.

      To make sure users do know about the news, discovery frequency used yahoo Messenger to provide scalable rich media banner ads that previewed the series of documentaries.And those video's can be Shared with other instant messaging users.To match its "animals in life" theme, users can also choose from a variety of animal images as their instant display images or avatars.Discovery knows, no doubt, that consumers are willing to be emotionally involved with their favorite animals in documentaries.Allowing them to use their favourite animal as their avatar is a clever way to persuade users to watch the film.

      We know that countless other campaigns on Facebook pages, home page overlay ads, and instant messaging ads are designed to achieve similar goals, but unfortunately, many of them end up failing to achieve the desired results.The difference between these campaigns and discovery's is that digital advertising is used wisely to constantly remind people of what's coming.

      The documentary "life" is full of high-quality natural landscapes and images, so its advertisements are also high-quality images and video content.The documentary allows consumers to see many unexpected animal behaviors and rituals, so its advertisements are also unexpected (unless you're used to watching exotic insects in front of a screen).

      It would be modest to say that discovery has cleverly used its products to highlight its media activities.The network and its advertising agencies have used online media to give such an honest and vivid account of an extremely realistic show that one might think it reveals too much.

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